Your Family Finances Don’t HAVE To Stress You Out.

There’s a better way.

What I do​

Hi, I’m Nick Elkins. Most people I meet are, on some level, frustrated with their finances. They make a decent living but feel like nothing is left at the end of the month.

I teach a process that helps you keep more of your hard-earned money so you don't worry about your future any more.

I Coach. ​

From individual sessions to year-long programs, I coach you and your family to be the financial heros in your own story. From individual sessions to year-long.

I Speak.

Are you looking for a quality facilitator for your next event? Someone to speak about a personal finance topic? Do you need a workshop for your group? 

I Share.

I really enjoy connecting with like-minded parents and entrepreneurs. Two blogs to choose from as well as recommended resources from great places on the internet!


Let’s talk! If you have a quick question about finances, book a free consultation and we’ll get you the answer you’re looking for.


My e-Books & Courses​

Head over to our Resources page to learn about the resources available to you, from Family Finance Freedom and the best of the internet!



Richie E., GA

There was a lot that scared me about my finances, but I’ve never felt more empowered and excited about my financial future!

Jason K., IL

In 2018, I spent more than $8,500 on personal and professional development books, courses, and programs. My investment in Nick’s coaching was the most valuable money I spent all year. I got more value from the very first session than I paid for the entire program!

Ingrid D., NY

I feel like I can swim now – not just splash around sinking and gasping in my sea of bills!

My Story​

I’ve been helping others with their financial decisions since 2008...all the while, making my own mistake after mistake because, let’s face it, most of personal finance is about behavior and NOT about knowledge.

When my wife and I discovered the power of a shared vision for the future, we found a new clarity and freedom in our own financial journey.

I feel compelled to share the process we use with others. I coach and lead them to their own version of freedom!

Let’s get started on making you the hero of your own financial journey!



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