About Nick


Family is what it’s all about!

This is my life. This picture right here encompasses so much of what’s important to me. My wife, my kids, our family dog, and we captured a moment of laughter that will forever be a family memory.

Just a few years ago, though, I was working way too many hours to truly enjoy the moments that I knew were important to us as a family. It was exhausting...but I had to do it to “make ends meet.”

That’s when we realized there was another way. There was another way to live than always chasing the next paycheck, never getting ahead.

I’ve been helping others with their financial decisions since 2008...all the while, making my own mistake after mistake because, let’s face it, the behavior side of personal finance is tough!

When my wife and I discovered the power of a shared vision for the future, we found a new freedom in our financial journey that I feel compelled to share with others and coach them to their own version of freedom!

We got to work and paid off dozens of thousands of dollars in debt, all the while cashflowing my wife’s doctorate degree, and saving for retirement and the kids’ future.

When a friend asked me how much he could pay me for my services...because it had changed his life...a lightbulb lit up. You mean I can get paid to actually help people and change lives?

This is where Family Finance Freedom, LLC was born. Out of my passion for helping others, my experience from going through this journey ourselves, and my realization that the combination of the two could further contribute to my own family’s goals of Family Finance Freedom.

If you’re ready to outline your own path to freedom, schedule a Strategy Session.

Let’s get started on making you the hero of your own financial journey!



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