“Do It Yourself” Finance doesn’t mean you have to do it BY yourself!

If you...

Were never taught how to handle your money…

Have tried budgeting but can’t quite make it work...

Have debt weighing you down…

Have very little saved for retirement, kids’ college, etc…

Are frustrated, confused, or even overwhelmed…


Feeling confident about your approach to finances.

Finally making progress toward your goals.

Paying down debt and becoming debt-free.

Saving for all the important things in life.

Having a trusted guide and a bunch of money-conscious friends to answer questions, give guidance, and celebrate wins with.


Smarter money, better life.

Start today!

The FFF Community

  • Access to the FFF Community
  • Weekly Calls
  • Access to Financial Coaching
  • Spouses join for no additional cost

One-on-One Coaching

  • Everything included in the Community plus...
  • Regular one-on-one meetings
  • Priority Access to Coach Nick
  • Accellerate your Financial Success

Frequently Asked Questions

I get it! Confidently taking control of your finances is a HUGE task when you’ve never been taught how to handle your money before. This is your chance to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you’re ready to get started, apply to join the community today!

See you on the inside.

Nick Elkins

Let’s get started on making you the hero of your own financial journey!



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